Monday, January 24, 2011

Islamic social networking =)

Salam to all. I just joined It's the alternative of the facebook that we used today, and maybe it can be a good medium for all the Muslims all over the world to gather, be friends and share thoughts and stories. Sharing everything about Islam...patch things that we loose up, getting our knowledge all wide...and let us built a better Muslim community from all over the world...come, join me!
Add me : jajaismail/Norliza Ismail

Monday, January 17, 2011 age can do to you!

16 September 2006 - My engagement day...
13 Januari 2011 - Jersey Day
It's been like...what, 5 years ago since I was a fiancee to somebody...and, today...I'm a wifey and a mother of two...Is there any major difference between these two photos...Okay...I know, I cant hide d wrinkles and of course d weight...LOL...but, I'm quite impressed that I do look NOT much difference like I did in 2006...LOL..perasan lebey!

Thank you ZA for those great moisturiser and two way cake...and latest, thanks to Loreal, White Perfect for that powerful Sunscreen...ngeee...=) How good products can be a great help!

And, Thank You Allah for everything! Alhamdulillah...=)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Red, Red, Red ALERT!

Poyos....itulah dia, i n my frenzies semalam. So, 2011, Karangkraf akan mengadakan monthly theme, on every 2nd thursday, untuk pakai ikut, January, d theme was Jersey's Day. Kebanyakannya pakai red jersey coz kebanyakannya suka sangat ngan MUFC...or Liverpool kan...nway, like I care...asal cantik sudeehhhhh....=)
BUT, for all the wifeys, it's more of Hubby's jersey....atau dalam ertikata lain,pinjam suami punya baju la...kalau orang bujang, ada this term, boyfie's shirt...sort of macam tu, tgk je la I ngan poyonya menggayakan jersey hubby...(actually, dah lama usha jersey nie, sebab...shantik...terberkenan kat baju cik abg sayang ni masa dia pakai utk VC Oh No Kamu...ahahaha...dia tak muat dahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Slimming down Part 2

hullow....what's this? Inte Cleanse...what is it? Okay, okay...I got few questions and SMSes from my friends about Inte Cleanse and tips to slim down after giving birth. goes.

Inte Cleanse from DCL...this is certainly not slimming pills, this is one way to detox your toxix away so that u can start dieting easily and effectively. Feeling strange tak, dah ikut rutin pemakanan betul..and ada yang tak ambil karbo langsung...betul tak? Well, been thru that and i browse the net nak cari, I found this. Somemore, it's from DCL, so macam okay la kan. Harganya, tak mahal. Dalam RM40+, boleh afford kan.

What's this? Ini bukan ubat pelawas ya. But, ambil ni dalam masa 7-10 days, ikut kemampuan tubuh. Kalau di kotak tu, tertera arahan, dosage daily between 2-3 pills kan, but...I ambil 2 pills dengan perut kosong before tidur. Perut kosong tu maknanya bukan selepas makan penuh2...kalau dinner before 8pm, tidur pukul 10 malam, so maknanya ambil before going to bed ya. Process pills ni adalah selama 7-8 hours. So, esok pagi, whether u guys akan buang air kecil lebih 2-3 kali or maybe, buang air besar. 1st day, kalau badan banyak lemak tepu, lemak lama yang tidak terbuang, toksin...akan lebih 2-3 kali la ke toilet. Like me, 1st day tu, 6 times, tapi bukanlah sakit perut melampau sampai tak tertahan2 kan...biasa je. Tapi, terasa sangat perut selama ni muncit, lapang...lega. I ambil 2 hari sekali sebab, perut I jenis yg sensitif. Masuk hari 3-4 tu, akan kurang dah rasa nak membuang air besar. Ambil sampai habis dose ya. Kalau 7 hari, habiskan 7 days. Kalau 10 days pun tak apa, depending on your body resistence.

So, after 10 days, I mula diet karbo. Ni carta pemakanan masa diet :

Nestle Fitnesse Cereal with low fat milk
Wholegrain bread with telur goreng
Nestum 3 in 1 with breakfast biscuit

Depending pada mood...sometimes, sup ayam with veges je.
Kadang-kala, bihun sup or maybe sandwich

Sometimes, I skip dinner and hanya ambil susu panas
Sometimes, quaker oats
Sometimes, I makan buah-buahan cicah dengan kuah rojak...sedap je...=)

Kalau diet tanpa senaman, tiada gunanya la kan. Orang malas macam I nie, buat skipping and sit up kat rumah je. Malam, selepas d kids tidur, I akan lompat tali dalam 100 kali je. Pagi, after Subuh, I akan lompat tali 100 kali jugak, and then sit up 20 kali.

Hah, senang tak? Senang kan...=)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Farewell Usna-ster

She's my colleague...she's also my adik manja...she's also a friend...she's also a shoulder to cry on...
We share things...we share stories...we share laughters...we also share tears...

Farewell dear Usna...all the best in your future your your life and relationships...

Thank You very much for all the good times....Thank You very much for the friendship and trust...and I'm very sorry if I ever hurt you in any way at all...Sorry as I'm not perfect.
Good luck dear...

Gonna miss you...=(

Lotsa love,
Kakak Shantek....=) ahahahahahaha.....(that's what she called me hokey...jgn jeles!)
Images by Freepik