Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Permintaan dari seorang pemimpin

Pernahkah kita mengambil berat mengenai permintaan dari hati seorang pemimpin? Tidak kira sama ada pemimpin rasmi negara mahupun pemimpin dalam keluarga atau organisasi kita sendiri? Pasti jawapannya ya & tidak kan...

Well...that's a normal reaction from us especially when it comes to heart request. We don't try to understand or even think deep about the message that our leader is trying to give us...that's the typical human attitude that I couldn't tolerate...at all. Period.

This morning, my leader from the company that I've been serviced for more than 8 years, KKSB, have sung a very queer song, not a typical song that he used to sing to us about productivity, about money and about being the number one...NOPE...this year, he actually wants us to be as usual productive, hard working and never forget about GOD...ALLAH SWT...hmmm....dia mengajak kami semua untuk menghayati erti keimanan dan ketuhanan...and, I cried when he cried for neglecting nilai-nilai itu selama 30 tahun membina KKSB...and dalam hati, I'm glad that he brought up the matter...because that's what been lacked in the company for all this years...Kita semua datang dari DIA, and kembali pada DIA juga...

Mampukah kita menolak permintaan itu? Tepuk dada tanya selera...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I wish...:)

Be on a billboard??? Hmmm...sweet thought huh...It's just a dream to be a perfume model for armani...ahahahaha...sesekali bermimpi, apa salahnya kan??? :p

Friday, December 12, 2008

My old fav vocal group...

Yes...yes...I know what u guys gonna say about me crushing on KRU...but it was an old fav, okay...:)...well, they are one of the local scene that I really followed and I actually went to all of their concerts in KL (of course, that time I was bodyguarded by my bro in law and sister)...My personal fav song from KRU is Fanatik, Dua, Janji Tinggal Janji and a lot more...and my most admired guy among the triplets is Yusry, of course...ahahahahaha...and that time, I was hoping that I would find a guy exactly like him...his height, his voice, his figure etc etc etc...but suddenly, my taste changed from liking a skinny guy like Yusry, to the chubby ones...ahahaha...that would relate to my hubby, dearest hubby...and what I can say is...my hubby's voice sounds better than Yusry (no offence, Yusry...)...betul tak?

But this triplets memang legend...congrats guys sebab masih kekal hingga kini...and thank you for serving us with such catchy music that I liked during my teen years...TQ KRU

Terbukti sudah...

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@ Brunei (part 3)

Lunch @ Empire Hotel, Brunei. It's the most exclusive and expensive hotel in Brunei...and probably in Asia...d most luxurious, and beautiful...the food was okay...but I enjoyed the view of the beach in front of the hotel...it's beautiful...

@ Jerudong Park- the park was no longer operated. Sayang sangat but the place is very nice and what I heard from the Bruneian, all the rides were sold all over the world. But,anyway, Insya Allah, the park will be opened again soon...that's what they said.

@ Brunei (part 2)

Dinner @ Japanese...urm...the teppanyaki was not that good...but the sushis and sashimis...wow...I love it...and it's cheap!!! Look at my mom in law punya meal...it's called Zen Dish...memang menyelerakan!

During lunch time, kami makan di restoran Thai...memang sangat sedap. I still can remember the taste of Ikan masak Mangga...fuh!!! Terangkat....

@ Brunei - Hari Raya Aidiladha (8th of Dec)

@ Brunei 6th - 10th of Dec 2008

In the plane...we went by AirAsia, the flight is delayed for half an hour...and it was full...probably due to school holidays...

7th of Dec - mama buat open house for her college colleagues and final year students...it was tiring but fun...Hannah is d most famous person during the event!!! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

How to handle a break up

Your whole world can suddenly seem turned upside down when you learn the sad reality that the love you thought was forever is now over. It's like unexpectedly being doused with an icy cold bucket of water. You're instantly forced to look at everything differently and realize your day to day life will no longer include the one you love. However, the key to holding onto any type of future relationship with this person is keeping your dignity and grace during your time of discomfort and pain.

You may not be thinking about it now, but a great friendship could still develop out of this relationship. You cared for them enough to enter into a romantic relationship, so it stands to reason they just might make a great friend in the future. The way you react or act during this period will determine the likelihood of this.
If in fact, you are going through a break up right now, keep in mind these tips for keeping a level head.
Don't initiate contact for at least two weeks. If they call you, keep the conversation short and do NOT rehash what went wrong.

If you feel you must say something to them; go buy a journal and write down everything you are feeling and want to say. Even go so far as to address the letter to them, however, do NOT mail it. This is just a vessel for getting your thoughts out. Trust me; you'll be glad you kept your thoughts to yourself someday!
Make sure to express your gratitude about having the opportunity to share so many pleasant memories with them. Wish them well with whatever future may be in store for them.

Do not spend hours upon hours deliberating by yourself or with friends about what could have gone wrong. It isn't healthy to dwell on the past or the negative. If you need to powwow with friends, focus on doing creative or action-oriented things to keep your mind busy.

As soon as you are able to, start shifting your focus to your new life. You've just been given a new opportunity to start on a new path. What will it be? Take this time to do something you've always wanted, but just didn't get to while you were with your ex.

Accept responsibility that you contributed to the demise of the relationship, however, that it was also a two-way street. There's no need to dwell on what each person "did" or "did not" do. Assess for yourself what relationship areas you could probably address for future relationships and make a commitment to do something about it.

If your ex wants to give the relationship another chance, don't say yes immediately. Take some time to really gauge whether the original problems have been handled. If they haven't, it will only be a matter of time before you're going through all of this again.

If your ex is already seeing someone new, try your best to avoid seeing them together. Take comfort in the knowledge that if they were interested enough to date someone else, they were never your Mr. or Ms. Right! That means your perfect someone is still out there waiting to be found.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Some women are totally a B*t*h

Hmmm....I'm totally pissed off with this one woman...I just don't understand why the hell she's trying to ruined my marriage...Hmmm...I know that my hubby is her ex, but life goes on lady...he's already married and I'm sure that u want to have ur own family soon, to get married and have kids of ur own...plz don't disturb mine...

There's a lot of bitchy stories that she told me currently about her, my hubby...from their past relationship...for all I know, it's been more than 2 years that their relationship is over...and as usual, I'm the person who's to be blame for her ended relationship...hmpphhh...

Now, hear this missy...I have nothing to do with ur past relationship...and if I ever been in between of u n ur ex, it's all a coinsidence! And when ur ex choosed me as his wifey, it's all his decision and I have nothing to do for him to ended ur relationship with him...:P So sorry if u ever feel that I'm actually stole him from U!!! Nothing doing...

So stop about this making up stories about u n my hubby...it's all sh*ts...

Monday, December 1, 2008


Why LOVE is always the important thing in our lives? Many people akan jadi lemah apabila memperkatakan persoalan LOVE...manakala, ada juga yang akan jadi strong and motivated...it's all up to the individual how do they definite the meaning of LOVE...

As for me...kenal erti LOVE apabila bertemu dengan hubby about 6 to 7 years ago...that time he was still with V.E. and that time they launched a twin album with another group called Ruffedge. I can still remember how my heart pounded to see his face on the stage singing Khayalan with the rest of the group...hmmm...but at that time, it meant nothing, maybe it's a sign that one day we will be together...and YES...memang pun kami bertemu semula few years after that event, we started sms-ing and meeting up...hanging out together (bukan selalu) and akhirnya hubungan tu serius pada tahun 2005...hmmm...lama kan...tapi, our relationship memang tak lama coz a month after we declared, my hubby proposed to me...and rombongan merisik tiba pada bulan Disember, the same year. We engaged on Sept 2006, nikah pada Jun 2007...semuanya bagai satu mimpi, namun ia mimpi nyata...

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