Monday, November 17, 2008

What is your fav skincare products?

Hmmm....talking about the lineup of skincare and beauty products, we're talking about dozens of stuff...everything is all about to get good result whether on your skin, or maybe to be able to look different in using different colours or shades for makeup. It's like a neverending story...and searching for a good result product especially on your skin,'s like finding a diamond in a whole bowl of ice cubes...seksa!
I started to have skin problem when I started's like hell back then when having an adult's all because my skin couldnt stand the dirty air and water when I moved to KL...basically that time I was looking for a job interview after graduated. Just imagine, that time I was 22/23 years old...and having a good skin it's like everything and important. Hmphh...I started to have all this red spots, acnes and rashes...all due to the 'clean' air of KUALA LUMPUR...
So, I used a few of it was CLEOPATRA, local skincare catered only for the problematic skin, like mine. It worked like miracle...after 2 weeks using the products, that will included I went to their treatments, skin is back to normal. I'm glad...
Bala datang pulak bila I shifted to a new moisturiser (I dont want to mentioned jenama) because pelembap Cleopatra kehabisan, and malas mahu ke salon utk buy new one...Hmmm...tumbuh all sorts of big bumps and spots on my face...teruk sangat masa tu!!! Menyesal sangat!
Bala datang dan pergi sampailah I used Biotherm (acne series) and then Eucerin...both are good products...tapi, after confinement, I used ZA's skincare. It's like miracle...
The prices is reasonable, and it worked like magic. My scars hilang slowly and I hardly ada acne sekarang...even, kalau ada, scar akan hilang dengan cepat. Wanna know the range of ZA's skincare that I loved? Check it out...maybe, kalau ia berjaya di kulit saya, ia akan berjaya di kulit kamu juga!!!

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