Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What's gonna happened next?

Hmmm...have u read the newspaper currently? Well, recently, all the news are all about helping the Palestinians...*hell* with Israelis...I just couldn't stand watching the news on tv or even read about them in the newspapers...it's very sad to see that there is such people who have losen their hearts and gratitudes...hmm...*hell* with all the Israelis...

What's gonna happened next? What is the rest of the world gonna do about the Israelis who always made their own decision on destroying the ethnicity and also other people's country...hey...Palestine is not yours bozos, so just stay put wherever your place are...if you ever have the place in the world!!!

In my heart, I always pray the best and hope that the leaders of the world would come out with a soloution which is fair to everybody especially the weaks...I'm very touched to see that the childrens and babies have become the preys for the selfishness of the Israelis and the ignorance of the 'what so called' the most influential country in the world...*hell* with them all...

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