Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day...

Salam...Happy Hari Ibu buat semua ibu-ibu di Malaysia, khas buat my mak, Sepiah Jusoh...I love u mak...and also, my mother in law, Norsham Bador...I love u mama...Jasa & pengorbanan seorang ibu memang tidak boleh dibalas dengan harta benda, wang ringgit...once I become a mommy, I know how hard it is to be a good mommy, and nak didik anak-anak...Hanya Tuhan saja yang tahu, tanggungjawab tu sangat besar and berat...:)

Buat mak...I'm so sorry if I've been a bad daughter to you. I tried my very best to be with you everytime u needs me...listen to all your luahan hati and all...and sentiasa mahu berikan yang terbaik buat mak. I know since bapak pergi, u're very lonely. And i tried my very best to entertained u so that u wont feel sad, lost and lonely...but, at times, when I'm too busy with work and also my own family, I know that u will understand but at the same time, u needed somebody to talk to...u know that u can count on me, or any of your daughters and son. We're here for you, mak...We love you so much! :)

Pagi Hari Ibu, Hannah telah menghadiahkan a big kiss for me...bukan once tau, tapi few times. I know dia tak faham pun pasal Mother's Day nie, buat 10th of May tu, dia macam extra loving pulak...touchingnya mommy ngan lil' coro nie...mwahs...

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