Saturday, July 11, 2009

My BIG BRO's wedding...:)

pengantin baru with pengantin lama...hehehe
Salam I upload some of the pix from my big brother's wedding on d 4th of july...actually, d akad nikah was on the 5th of june, but I cudnt make it to the event, I gave birth, remember??? ;)...but nway, tho I am still in my confinement during the sambut menantu's event, I want to make it...nway, tinggal 10 more days je that time utk habis 44 days pantang...what the heck, for the sake of my beloved bro kan? :)

Hmmm...our family are all in at Temerloh, dorang sume in maroon...the sambut menantu's event was a simple one, but sangat teratur, well planned all though ada la sket kekurangan sana sini...biasa la tue...but, kami semua sangat happy and lega segalanya berjalan according to plan...Alhamdulillah...

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