Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ME @ work

Hi...Some of you would probably wonder, what is my work based on kan? Kata writer tapi bagi talk, buat bengkel and all...Yes, what I can say is, I'm a versatile worker...ahahaha...as a writer, we also doing promoting and marketing job, to promote our product, that is the magazine. Besides doing write ups and articles, we also capable in giving talk especially to school kids and teens.
Bila beri talk, lagi susah nak impress school kids and teens tau. To gain their attention and joining what the conversation all about...especially when we are promoting educational magazine...I tell you, it's a tough job...=) We have our in house rivals such as Remaja, Yezz!, Bintang Kecil, Dara.com, Klik...hmmm...to name a few la kan. There's so much on what e-siswa can offer, only good articles, good write ups, tips on how to be good student, articles on smart students and achievers...hmmm...boring rite! Actually, it's not if we smart on promoting good reading materials to them...it's a part of our job...
What I can say is that...I Love My Job!


AnisSensuous said...

Gambar akak yang tengah pegang mic tu sangat comel o(n_n)o

jaja ismail said...

Hi Anis...hehehehe...ye ke? Boolattt....ahahaha...thanks

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