Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ahmad Bin Abdullah

Ngee....kalau sesiapa yang terbaca my status kat FB and juga status di Twitter, tak habes2 ulang nama Ahmad kan...ngeee...=) Buah hati baru, comel giler!

I never fancied having a pet, nope...I hated comitment especially on cleaning their 'pest'...I hated cats, or any pets that, in my opinion, very smelly if we didn't clean their 'pest' well...okay, Ahmad, who is he? Well, he's a sugar glider...cute creature, I can say, I quickly fell in love with his cute face and bushy tail when I saw him in the morning. My hubby brought him back the night before...

The kids...huh, Amani can't stop screaming everytime she sees Ahmad walks and 'talks'. probably, having a new member in the family really excites her, and of course, Hannah, being d eldest, always pulls back in giving friendly treatment at first. But, after a while, she's okay...and i know that she loves Ahmad too...

Ahmad only eats fruits, and drink plain water. So, raising a pet like Ahmad don't have to use a lot of RM especially in buying foods...definitely! He sleeps during daytime, and plays a lot during night time...Ahmad loves when we plays with him, a lot, or he'll start to eat himself up if he feels bored. Scary, just play around with him...they're very playful, I mean, sugar gliders.

I will post the pictures on Ahmad soon...=)

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