Monday, October 3, 2011

A mother expectations

As salam...

I think everybody would have the same experience during our school days...the parents expectations towards us to score in our exams. Sometimes, parents cannot help it but to push to the limit, just to make sure that we study and score. And that time, we wish that they just leave us alone and let us study in peace. =)

Now, I understand why parents, expecially the mothers wanted their kids to do their best, scored and be the best in class. I'm a mother now and facing a kid, for the first time, to take exams (actually, assestment test LOL), I'm the one who couldn't sleep...and pushing here and there, just to make sure Hannah do her best.

This morning, kata-kata dari si suami benar-benar melegakan. Sesuatu yang tak ternampak kerana terlalu risau Hannah akan main-main dalam examnya. Hannah baru berusia 3 tahun 6 bulan...and we in that age, apa yang kita buat? Maybe ada antara kita yang masih belum tahu A.B.C or count from 1-20...and masih belum differentiate between number 1-10...and belum lagi ada background arabic and mandarin...sometimes, shapes pun leh dapat bezakan...=) And I expect a 3 year old plus untuk tahu melebihi hadnya...haha...itulah dia ibu...kadang-kala, kejam! =)

Today, Hannah akan face Bahasa Melayu, esok, Mathematics, lusa, Science and on Thursday, Pendidikan Islam/Arabic...I learnt few new words in Arabic...Baitun (rumah), banaatun (sejadah), burtokil (limau) and baabun (pintu)....semasa revision, both me and hubby bantu dia but she can actually count and kenal huruf, numbers...cuma, bab writing dia agak lemah...if numbers and huruf yang payah sikit, dia confused...kesian. But, dia kenal...kalau ada oral test, Insya allah dia score...ahahaha....

My prayers for her...Insya Allah, dia akan buat yang terbaik...I have faith in her...=)

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