Wednesday, November 30, 2011


As salam all...

Couldn't find time to update the blog as often as I always do, there's a lot to share but the words seem to be kept away. Dunno why, lately I just can't find a way to express more. I rather keep to myself, silently heal it alone...Yes, hubby, family members and all besties are among that I share most of my feelings..but there's always a little bit of it left for me and my own self to share...=)

I'm okay I guess...I'm in the stage of shifting to a new paradigm, it's something that I'm longing to do, a very long time ago...but, I don't have the urge to fulfill it. Tiada siapa boleh ubah hidupnya kecuali dirinya sendiri, yes I do believe in that phrase. Kekuatan diri hanya kita yang boleh mengeluarkannya rite? Yes...true, true.

Hijrah is something that I'm eyeing to do...I want something that makes me happy instead of satisfying other people. Hijrah dalam ertikata yang life, in after life (itu yg sgt penting)...I want to change, 360 degrees change...I want to be somebody better, somebody worthy to my husband, family and friends...I want to be a muslimah sejati yang Cintakan Allah & RasulNya...amin, amin, amin...Ya Allah, amin...Ya Rabbal Alamin.

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