Wednesday, October 16, 2013

I miss him but I don't want to say it

As salam warahmatullah hiwabarakah♡♡♡

It has been more than a week since my husband left for haj. He went on d 7th of oct. ..I have to be frank that I'm used to manage d kids alone because mr hubby are always outstation. ..but...I do feel sad because it would be great if he is not that far away...

Sometimes we talked...sometimes we smsing and most of the time whatsapping...kdg2 tu rs mcm zmn bercinta kn...nk plk ader nk miss u...aduhai sweet kn...♥♥♥

I think itulah manisnya berjauhan sekali sekala. Kita jauh lbh appreciate our spouse better.  Kita pun xkan tinggal a single detail utk update...itulah kelebihan nya plk...yg x best ialah bila tpaksa jawab soalan d kids. ..bertubi2...hihi

D kids are a little affected and nmpk mcm mereka sgt missing their daddy's presence.  Selalunya daddy la akn tucked them to sleep...sometimes bckn buku2 kisah nabi...n kdg2 lyn qasidah dulu. ..:) but I always remind d kids that their daddy is performing kn doa yg baik2. shaa Allah. ..daddy blk dgn sihat n mndpt hj mabrur. ..ameen

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