Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Daddy's Day Shayang!!!

Wow...15 Jun ni adalah Father's Day. I'm sure that my hubby will be very excited about it. Maklumlah, first time menyambutnya setelah ada baby on d 25th March lalu...Actually, I'm planning a surprise for him, it's from me n will be a blast...*wink*

Last May, I celebrated Mommy's hubby gave me a treat dekat Pakeeza, we had dinner together (with Hannah jugak)...memang best. First time celebrated Mother's Day, wowww....d feeling memang different dari sambutan B Day, anniversarry or even Valentine's Day...rasa cam best jadi mommy..vogue lagi!!! *wink*

Anyway, Happy Father's Day sayang...moga boleh jadi daddy yang cool, bertanggungjawab and fun to be with..."Daddy...Happy Father's Day...I love u..."- Khayra Hannah

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