Friday, June 20, 2008

Ready, get set...GOOOOO!!!

Hullow...wah, few days juga I tak sempat nak post anything to this page. So sorry...I've been busy. Last two days, I shifted to R&D will be my new place to work. U guys already knew that I'm working on this new mag that will be in the market early next year, probably on January. Although the time seems so far, tapi sebenarnya memang tak cukup time. To publish a magazine especially similar to it's kind, memang it's risky. Tambahan, sekarang krisis harga minyak n barang, memang it's a risk to come out with a new magazine. Hopefully, early next year semua orang akan settle down dan ekonomi akan kembali pulih...Insya Allah, amin...

For the actual mock up, me n Farah (my acting editor) only have 4 weeks to settle all the 11 sections...sounds very freaky kan tapi itulah hakikatnya. By hook or by crook, memang kena siapkan. Bukan keje cincai tau, tapi betul2 keje yang seperi mahu publish. The mock up is for the advertisers, hopefully ada la advertiser yang gempak nak masuk adv...Insya Allah!!! Wish me luck everybody!

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