Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday Blues...

Hullow... really a day of kebosanan. Ramai yang masih cuti raya, and it's like I'm just lepaking kat ofc tanpa buat kerja. Internet pulak lembab satu macam...stressnya!!! :(

I just wish that Ramadhan is still here, and Raya is coming soon...Ramadhan is really a month of peaceful and ibadah. Mood masa Ramadhan pun sangat lain rasa best satu macam...I just wish Ramadhan wont be this short...:(

Hari Raya this year was fun...tiring...and this year memang balas dendam ziarah ramai sanak saudara. It's fun and I'm sure that Hannah's is also suffering from the shocked of having so many people cuddled and kissed her...and not forgetting, lack of sleep...ahahaha...that's the most important thing that can be associate with raya. But, this festive season comes only once a year so we just try our best to get along with everything, everybody...Alhamdulillah...

Today is also the first day for Hannah at the nursery (again) after a very long break. But. she seems very happy, maybe because dozens of friends surrounded her when she arrived at the nursery this morning...I'm glad she enjoyed being at the nursery.

Duit must be luckiest person in the world because she's the one yang duit bertambah masa raya, wherelse everybody is pokai after raya...ahahahaha...semua masuk dalam akaun dia...Alhamdulillah and TQ untuk semua yang beri duit raya.

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