Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Why do I have to cry? it true when men's said that tears are women number one weapon? Well, I cant agree more, it's ridiculously true. It's true and women are actually the world's number one tears dropper...muahahaha...:)

Sometimes I wonder, why do I have to cry? It's not exactly a sad crying, sometimes when I received good news, I even cry...apakah...tapi, itulah fact nya. I even cry bila menonton sad movies, or even dengar sad song...and, anehnya...I even cry masa Mawi menang AF dulu not becoz I'm over excited he won the competition tapi ntahlah...when I saw him crying, I just cant help myself to cry with him too...STUPID kan...;)

Why do u have to cry? Come on...tell me...

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