Monday, June 7, 2010

My 3 series hubby! =)

My husband is 30 years old. When I asked my husband who has attained the age of 30s, he just smiled and said that ,"A lot of heavy responsibility to bear." He already has a wife, two kids to feed. He also admitted it's difficult to sleep at night because he worries if it is not able to provide us with everything.
I must admit, it is difficult to select an appropriate gift for my husband. When I asked him, he just said, save your money and don't waste it... But, I want to get something special gift for his bday. Finally, I choosed Lazo Diamonds. I bought a Suasa ring for him.
Coincidentally, his birthday is in the same month of our wedding anniversary. And of course, ring is the perfect gift for both special occasions.
Encik Zafri Nazaruddin ... I love you. I hope we are together forever. Only death will separate us.
Happy Birthday Dear!

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