Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm a full time cook!

Greetings to all. If you are my friends on FB, certainly since the last Ramadan, you will noticed that most of my status are about break fast menus. Yes, I really enjoy cooking. I don't care whether or not my cooking wines other people's appetite, but I like to try the new menus. Moreover, if the recipe was so easy to make, I will try it excitedly. =)
I enjoyed most are making cakes and pastries. Wow ... it sounds fun, right? Just imagine the calories your body will meet in the state. Latest, I wanted to try baking cheesecake. I got a cheesecake recipe that is very fast and easy, and I want to try baking OREO cheesecake too. I know, I know...very tempting and yummy rite? =)
My husband was also very supportive. He's very happy when I tried the menu such as shrimp dumplings, grilled chicken, grilled fish sambal belacan and Chinese, Malay or Indian cuisines.If you have a recipe that iseasy to make and somewhat delicious, let us share okay.
Salam menjamu selera.

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