Wednesday, June 15, 2011

4 Years in LOVE

4..a lovely number. Yes. Can't believe our marriage already turning 4, 16th of Allah SWT, you brought to me, indeed a good men, a good friend, a good soulmate, a good boyfie, a good fiancee, a good hubby and a good daddy to our kids.

There's more to come, Insya Allah. I pray that our marriage will remain strong until our last breath. I really love you...from Day 1 we're together til today. Despite all our weaknesses, arguments and disagreeness, I love you still. I cant' imagine life & love without you...serious.

Zafri...our mariage doesn't have it's ups and downs, it's only things around us that sometimes test our patience and trust...our marriage, Alhamdulillah, remain as strong as ever, even stronger thru time.

Sayang...I love you. Happy 4th Anniversary.

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