Monday, June 6, 2011

How is it to be...ME!

Sometimes...people around me couldnt help it but to is it to be married with a singer? My answer is very like married to a man that you love but the bonus part is, your husband is a public figure. There's nothing abnormal about marrying a singer, they still eat when hungry, sleep when sleepy, they're just humans, and wanted to be treated like humans...=)

What is to be ME? Haha...hard, I may say. It's actually a warning. Don't ever dream to be ME because my life is not as beautiful as you imagined. Haha, I'm not talking about my love life, marriage and family's about my general life, at work etc...

You can imagine people talking BAD about you bt you actually never spoke to that person...and you can ask me how I feel, I feel's funny, because I actually never bother to feel irritated but there's a question poppin' in my head..."Who are you, and why are you talking shit about me?"

You can imagine people making bad stories about your partner, your marriage and family...well, I face that from day 1 I'm with my hubby as a boyfie/girlfie...the stories never stop until now, after we have 2 kids...and maybe until we die...gosh, that bad huh! =)

You can imagine people make fun of you, making a group to talk bad things about's like peserta AF that have their own fanclub but mine, I Hate Jaja fanclub...haha...yeah yeah...not to that extend, but kinda like it laaa...omaigod, I just don't know, what did I do to receive all this...

And so many work, outside of work, with people around me...etc...sometimes, I just don't know how to trust other people, and I hope these friends that I have around me are real...I love you girls (u know who u r)...=)

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