Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Art Attack Asia : Must see with kiddos! =)

As salam all...lama jugak tak jenguk blog. Okay, lately, I've been introduced to Art Attack Asia, DisneyChannelAsia hosted by Qi. Interesting. I love art and teaching my kids about being creative is my target besides preparing them with all the religions values and importance.

I love the host, he's very cheerful, very clean cut and some more...he seems enjoying the show. My kids love to see how each art/colours and stuff been made...they love the guitar, the cars and the aquarium decos...me too...=)

Art Attack Asia is a must see show by our kids rather than watching Tom Tom Bak or Idola Kecil etc (I'm not against those kind of show...)...it's just, the values showed and teached by some programmes are juts not suitable for the development of the kids esp the small ones...let them learn the skill and progress a healthy development by watching kids programmes that promote more on creativity, manners, good example and good communication skills, of course...

Come & watch, enjoy the show...Art Attack Asia...=)

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Anonymous said...

i agreed...this kind of show are more suitable for kids who are in process of growing and learning..

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