Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Manjakan diri...

Salam semua...

What shall I share with u guys today huh...hmmm...oh yes, spa...I'm sure that most women loves to go to spa, right? This is the place to relax, to manjakan diri...and also, utk mencantikkan apa yang selama ini diabaikan. YES! Nona, my duty is to review spas...:) Yes, I know...It's a beautiful job, yes it is...especially when u got the opportunity to really feel the spa treatments...hmmm...just lovely. One of the best spa that I've been is Elysyle Spa (Elken Spa) @ Jalan Klang Lama, KL...very near to Pearl Point Hotel...the spa is really exclusive, conducted only from the beauty and health specialists from Elken. Spa ni ada it's own building...and it's list of treatments memang sangat detail and harus disesuaikan dengan kehendak tubuh kita.

I was brought to a VIP room, memang cosy, sangat best and sangat privacy. I dapat facial treatment, and disebabkan I'm pregnant, I only dapat merasa neck and shoulder sangat...lega segala sendi! And d facial, memang sangat bagus which mereka tackle our skin problem.

D service, fuh...I give them 5*s...memang bagus!

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