Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Why I love being a mommy?

1. Hom many kids do u have? baby. 11mths...her name is Khayra Hannah Zafri. And, 2nd one, Insya Allah will be born in June 2009...if it's a girl, we decided to call her, Khayra Amani Zafri. And, if it's a boy, Nadhir Hakim Zafri.

2. Why do u choosed the name Khayra Hannah?
Hannah means, kasih sayang or love...and, Khayra means flower/girl...maknanya sangat indah.

3. Pertama kali menatap wajah anak, can u describe the feeling?
Susah sangat nak's a mix feelings...ada happy, ada sad, ada terkejut etc...but, nervous utk pikul responsibilities as a mommy tu, lagi besar agaknya...but, bila tgk and kissed my baby for the first time...adoi...sangat2 la indah that moment.

4. How does your hubby reacted when he first saw his child?
Hahahaha....can I laugh? :)...he was very happy that time...nervous of course and he couldnt sit down until I came out of the OT...but, from what he told me, the first time he saw Hannah, he nearly cried..."I have a baby...of my own...macam tak percaya"-katanya...

5. How does your parents/in laws reacted?
Muahahahaha...they're all very, very for side, hannah is the 3rd cucu...and as for my in laws, Hannah is their, u can imagined how did my in laws reacted...and how excited they are when they hold hannah for the first time.

6. How long did u take to get used to the baby's routine and also ur status as a mother?
For the first month, it was quite a hectic and stressful for me. I just can't cope up with all the routines and also the sleepless nights...tapi, after that, macam dah biasa and cuba menyesuaikan diri...Alhamdulillah, I'm just happy with everything. It's the matter of how u managed your time and also nak cope up dengan house routine lagi...memang kena plan time. Penat tapi satisfied sebab mampu raised ur own child...

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