Thursday, March 5, 2009

Who said Malaysian don't love books???

Hullow...hmmm...well, yesterday I posted some pix on Mini Karnival Karangkraf. The carnival which took place @ Kump Karangkraf Sdn Bhd, Shah Alam on d 27th-28th Feb, 1st 0f March 2009 was a huge success. Alhamdulillah, despite the rainy season especially in the evening, the 3 days carnival was blessed with a good, I might say but it's truly a blessed by Allah SWT...Thank You Allah...especially when Tn Haji announced that every penny from the carnival's collection is to build a mini mosque in Karangkraf...hmmm...well, good deeds paid...
There was 7 canopies, occupied by 28 mags in Karangkraf, that will include Sinar Harian, Bacaria, Alaf 21 and Buku Prima. The crowd gave good response, all the mags sells well as every mags gave good discounts on every back dated mags, and 10% on new mags...all the books from Alaf and Buku Prima sells like hot they gave 30& off for every books...hmmm...a very good bargain and of course, the crowd bought at least a mag just to participate on the great discounts...but what I can see, one person holds at least 3 plastic bags...contained more than 3 mags and books...who can ever resist such good bargains huh...:)
Who said Malaysian don't like to read? Who said the Malays hated books and reading items? From what I can see, tradisi itu dah changed. The new generation memang suka membaca especially feature magazines and also commercial reading items. Karangkraf bukan sahaja published commercial mags and books, but also cater for education needs such as E-Siswa, Fokus SPM, Majalah I and many more...

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