Monday, July 5, 2010


I know people like Facebook. I also like FBing. Navigating FB made me more creative in terms of communicating and also editing profile pic...It also made me recognize a friend and who's enemy. I like to change my status on FB regularly. Sometimes, there is no status. Lazy lah...=) Nothing to update, so I rather keep it empty...come...add me as your friend at FB ya...boleh share comments and pics.
My FB's status today is about weight. When I go back to Ipoh, my weight went up. This is because I eat everything that I want. Like crazy... Upon returning to KL, my weight back to the original, it's all due to the food here...not up to my taste, probably. I prefer to cook at home, puas makan.My husband also loves when I cook at home. Tired of eating out, he said...ya lah, I masak lagi sedap kan, kan,kan...=)
In Ipoh, I eat whatever that my heart desires. From cakes, fish or sweet food, semua makan sebab semua sedap. I am tempted to eat sweet bingka and when I returned to Ipoh, I dapat jugak. Very tasty! During fasting month nanti, we decided to go back to fast with mother. Mesti banyak makanan yang enak-enak. Bersedialah naik berat badan.
Now, I have returned to my exercise routine iaitu skipping.Every 5 am, I will wake up and skip. Feel tired on the first day. Usually, I can skipped in a 300 count, but now, 100 times pun dah tired. Tak kisahlah, janji langsing...heee...=)

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