Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Who are you anyway?

Who is he? Did I miss something? Or, am I not following the latest entertainment story? Who is Zulfaiz Zulkifli? Do you guys know him? Sorry, I never knew and know about him. Through his blog, he told readers about the world of singing and also calling himself as a famous artist ... if he's well known, why I did not know him? Musykil.
Cerita Artis Agung...Tuhanku, apakah...??? Sorry if some of you are offended by this entry. But, I am fed-up reading his blog. A well-known artists in the world, do not take things upon themselves like he does. I've met with dozens of singers in Malaysia, Indonesia and even America, however, this particular one, is very irritable. Maybe some of you would say, why bother reading his blog, u have thousands of blogs which u can followed...nope, it's only a coincidence.
Sometimes, my husband asked me to log on his FB account. I saw this particular person leave a message in my husband FB's inbox. His message somewhat awkward for a man to another man. So, I open his account. I do not reply his message on my hubby's behalf. I don't know, but I'm disgusted with him. Sorry, I do not judge people easily, but if you at my place, sure you will agree with me.
To any of his fans, so sorry...ini bukan satu penghinaan. Sekiranya saya 'ketinggalan keretapi' dan anda mahu betulkan kenyataan saya, silakan...

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