Monday, February 7, 2011

Beauty Fairies...SOON! =)

Salam to all...
woah, it's been a long holidays right...and everybody are on the holiday mood still...*yawn* me too...but, when it zomes to work, there are no compromises...=( & frenzies...we are working on this new blog, u can actually call this a testimonial blog which we will promote new local products, whether on beauty products, fashion or maybe spas...anything associate with beauty and fashion, we will help to promote it for you.
As u know, before I shifted to the Brand Marketing Dept last year, I was a writer. Me & a friend, both of us, once a fashion and beauty writer. We heart beauty & fashion very, we figure out about this blog and help the local business owners out there who wanted to be noticed. We will help you by you trust us in doing your write ups...
Okay, so much on this new blog. Just wait for it and we want your support...Beauty for us aite!

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