Thursday, February 10, 2011

Love, that I can't let go...

It's like love at first sight, it's hard to forget and sometimes it remains inside our heart, forever. Al though, maybe, we moved on and fall in love again and again, but the memory of our very first love, it's simply very painful to forget. *sigh*
For that love in writing, for the passion as a writer although we're no longer one, me & my bestie, create a blog magazine for women who love beauty tips, fashions, parenting tips, recipes sharing and a lot more. Be patient, as we just started and we need all your support.
BEAUTY STORIES is our passion, our love for a magazine which caters every useful informations that women should know, should be reminded or to sparks the love with your loved ones, not only married women but also the ones who still in relationships etc.
This is just a start, we plan a lot for you guys that will include workshops, contests, testimonials etc. We also catered reviews if any of you, owner of a local products want a page for your brands. A lot more, a lot us to support you!
Let's share, share, share...
Jaja Ismail

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