Tuesday, May 24, 2011

7 days

As salam warahmatullah...

7 hari penuh hectic...mandi tak basah, makan tak kenyang...peluh tak kering! =) Maidless for 7 days, how am I doing? Well, to be frank, TIRED...yes...yes, yes. But, I'm satisfied. Hubby is quite an assistant. He helped a lot and without kena suruh sarah, he did the dishes and cleans the table after meal. It's fun! Thank you yang...

The kids, Alhamdulillah. There's no sign of them utk demam rindu ke...apa ke...they're really okay. And Amani, hardly no sign of asking where's kakak or panggil2 nama my maid. She's just doing her thing, playing and getting naughtier everyday...*sigh*

My schedule everyday, after balik from work, terus keluarkan all bahan for dinner. If hubby's not around, I just cook for the kids. Usually they eat their dinner at taska. So, kalau lewat sikit pun okay coz they're not really hungry. But, Hannah sometimes lapar nasi. Kadang2 tanya dia nak makan apa, mesti nak nasi n chicken...n sometimes, spaghetti...hamboi....-) Amani, whatever goes! hehehe...

Just got back from Kuantan...best giler. My brother baru dapat baby, Muhammad Fahim. Ala, ala such a darling. Skin dia dark sikit but muka dia bulat, comel...rambut lebat...aduh. I missed having a baby, and bila cuddled Fahim, I rasa geram sangat. Sempat mandikan dia twice...puas dapat bantu mak n kaklong hanim. First cucu boy in the family and hopefully, when I'm pregnant, I will get a boy too.


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