Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pre-loved & New

As salam all....Al Mawlid will participate in above event on the 27th-29th of May at Putrajaya. I'm selling a lot of pre-loved items (all my chiffon baju kurung plus matching selendang which I do not wear so often but it's new) and also new items for Babies & Kids. The prices are simply unbeatable coz I just wanna let go all the stuff.

My chiffon baju kurung moden, korean silk and lace kebaya will only be sell at RM50-RM100. All these are tailormade, and it's also avalaible online starting tommorow. Some of it ada matching tudung siap...=)

And the junior's apparel akan dijual bermula RM10 til RM70. Hah, ada jeans, dresses, t-shirts and jackets for baby aged 3 months above, and toddlers until the age of 5-6 years old.

Tommorow, please go online : or you can take a look and buy the items from Al Mawlid at Putrajaya.


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