Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pros & Cons

Masih dalam mode : Maid nak balek....sob sob...

***Mode mengubat hati***

Will I be okay without a maid? I think, I'll be okay....(I think so....)

Pros :

1. I'll be the only queen in the house and also I can manage the house chores on my own style...=)

2. The kids, only rely on me...and the bonding will be stronger...Amin

3. If we were planning to go for a vacation, we can actually booked a normal room, no more suite that cost us a lot...just because my hubby is not comfortable to be in the room together with a maid...anyway, it's not proper as well...=)

4. Family time : Lebih privacy...

5. The kids will be more independent and after this we're thinking to shift the kids to other room...yeehhaaaa!!! =)

6. It's time for the kids to speak proper Malays rather than Indons...haha

7. I think, without a maid, the kids tak spoil sangat...

Cons :

1. I'll be doing all the house chores whether I'm having a very bad headache or penat...there's no one yang akan bantu lagi...sob sob

2. I have to spare some of my cuti utk standby if the kids demam, sakit etc...If I have a maid, kalau one of the kids demam biasa, I just leave them at home...kalau serious sangat2, baru I take leave...

3. No more lagi orang yang akan bangun pagi2, and tolong mop lantai serta basuhkan kain...i have to do it sendiri, after this...

4.I'll be alone at home with the kids kalau my hubby outstation or ada kelas malam...kalau ada my maid, kitorang selalu share tgk TV and dramas...=)

Well...banyak lagi kot...ahahahaha....

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